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Exciting Newsletter no.3
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EXCITING is a 24-month Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action launched in November 2016.


The EU-China Study on IoT and 5G (EXCITING) aims to support the creation of favourable conditions for cooperation between the European and Chinese research and innovation ecosystems, mainly related to the Future Internet and the key strategic domains of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. EXCITING is implemented by eight EU and six Chinese partners.

Word from the Coordinator

Dear Stakeholders of the EU-China 5G and IoT Collaboration, The EXCITING project is three-quarters into its activities and a lot has been done, especially in the last few months. The project had an interim review meeting in May, which was a good opportunity to discuss the work that has been accomplished and the path forward to create conditions to facilitate EU-China cooperation in 5G and IoT. In the meantime, the project organised two webinars in April and May, as well as a workshop during the GIoTS and IoT week in Bilbao (Spain), with cooperation opportunities in the 5G and IoT domains as the common denominator. In addition, the first versions of the White Papers on Standardisation and Interoperability are ready. We reiterate our openness to receiving constructive suggestions on collaboration opportunities from you. Moreover, we count with your participation in the next months, including in our upcoming webinars and events. You are warmly invited to read the reports on these developments and our project deliverables and keep tuned for more information on our project website. We are committed that the best of EXCITING is yet to come. Have a great summer!

Martin POTTS and Kai ZHANG
Martel Innovate, Coordinator

Exciting Updates
Interim Review Meeting
The EXCITING consortium had an interim review meeting with the European Commission on May 24, 2018. The meeting served to discuss the progress in the project in the five months that followed the year 1 review meeting in January. It was an opportunity to discuss the partner’s activities related to project communication (including the organization of 5G and IoT focused webinars) and some of the recent deliverables of the project. The meeting also served to discuss the path forward for the final stretch of the project, including the activities and strategies to contribute to and ensure fruitful cooperation opportunities between EU and China on the topic of 5G and IoT in the near future.
Panoramo Tool
EXCITING workshop at the GIoTS and IoT week
The 2nd EXCITING workshop titled “5G and IoT Large Scale Pilot European and Chinese Perspectives – EXCITING and F-Interop Joint Workshop” took place on June 04 2018 as part of the Global IoT Summit and IoT Week 2018, in Bilbao (Spain).
The objective of the workshop was to present the status, challenges and opportunities in the domains of 5G and IoT, particularly focusing on interoperability and standardisation practices. Furthermore, the workshop fostered a discussion on the current and foreseen EU-China collaboration efforts in these fields, including LSPs on IoT and 5G. The workshop also served as the stage for the public launch of the EXICTING PANORAMA tool, which the consortium expects will contribute to increased EU-China cooperation.
Mr. Frank Boissière (European Commission), Georgios Karagiannis (Huawei), Mr. Yang Yang (WICO), Yuming Ge (CAICT) and Mr. Serge Fdida (Sorbonne Université) were some of the key experts invited to speak, while attendees included the project consortium, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, project representatives and policy makers.
The workshop concluded with an exchange of ideas regarding 5G and IoT, which will be further explored by EXCITING.
Visit the project website for more information on the workshop, including the agenda, speakers, presentations and pictures.
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EXCITING webinars on 5G and IoT
EXCITING organized two webinars in April and May, respectively. The first webinar, titled “Challenges and opportunities for policy and technical EU-China cooperation on 5G” was successfully held on April 25, 2018. The webinar featured two EXCITING Advisory Board Members as speakers: Mr. Jean-Pierre Bienaimé (5G PPP Secretary General) introduced the work of the 5G PPP and presented an overview on the EU-China policy and technical cooperation on 5G. Mr. Christian Jacquenet (Orange) discussed the most relevant challenges shared by Europe and China in the domain of 5G. The webinar closed with a Q&A session intended to promote further discussion on 5G standardisation and deployment in Europe and China.
The second webinar in workshop format was titled “Challenges and opportunities for EU-China cooperation on IoT” and was held the May 03, 2018. The workshop included the participation of two EXCITING Advisory Board Members: Mr. Philippe Cousin (Easy Global Market) presented the status and future of the EU-China White Paper on IoT and Mr. Georgios Karagiannis (Huawei) presented the status of IoT standardisation in Europe and the importance of the EU-China cooperation in this process. The webinar concluded with a Q&A session in which questions related to EU-China cooperation on IoT standardisation and interoperability were debated. Both webinars had participants from different EU countries and representing different areas, including academia, consulting, technology and others.
Visit the project website for more information on the webinars, including the agenda, speakers, presentations and summary reports.
EXCITING Panorama Tool officially launched
The EXCITING PANORAMA Tool was officially launched and presented at the project’s workshop during the GIoTS and IoT week in Bilbau, Spain. The objective of the tool is to facilitate cooperation between Europe and China in the fields of 5G, IoT and ICT in general. It provides all interested stakeholders, such as researchers, industry, developers, students or others, with information on open EU-China calls for projects, upcoming events, funding agencies, networks and clusters, key EU-China projects and outputs from the EXCITING project. The tool offers users the possibility to create an account to save and manage the information that is most useful to them. favourite information. The PANORAMA tool will be continuously updated in the upcoming months with new information and will allow registered users to add new information. Visit the PANORAMA Tool here.
Panoramo Tool

In recent months, the consortium has been working hard on the development of project activities and deliverables. Feel free to access the full list of deliverables on our project website, including three of the most recent deliverables completed.

Future Internet Chinese projects for future collaboration
This report provides an overview of a selection of key Chinese projects (or involving Chinese participation) focusing on Future Internet, 5G and IoT. Each project includes an overview of their objectives, structure of partnership, activities developed and relevance. It provides an analysis of some of the key topics for future projects within the 5G, IoT and ICT domains. The report also provides a review of the current IPR system in China and closes with a review of the cooperation status and impact in the EU and other countries.
Read the deliverable here.
Framework conditions in China
This report presents an overview of the framework conditions for cooperation and R&D participation in China. The report focuses on several key domains, including: (1) Research and Technology Infrastructure; (2) Financing Innovation; (3) Investments; (4) Development of Firms; (5) Public Procurement; (6) Patenting and Licensing System; (7) Public policies on innovation; (8) Capacity Building on innovation; (9) Chinese research and innovation capabilities; (10) Support schemes and initiatives for international STI collaboration; (11) Regulations and financial incentives that support innovation and internationalisation; and (12) Opportunities and obstacles for the innovation ecosystem.
Read the deliverable here.
Future Internet Chinese projects for future collaboration
Chinese Internet
This report presents a comparative analysis between the EU and China in regard to their Future Internet Ecosystems. It details the European conditions regarding the general landscape of the European R&I ecosystem, Future Internet and more specifically 5G, IoT and standardisation status and progress. It also addresses the European policy context for those ecosystems, analyses investments, existing conditions, main actors, characteristics and areas for growth in both regions. An analysis on opportunities and obstacles is provided, based on the main cultural and usage differences, business and technical opportunities and challenges to consider while working on cooperation between the two regions.
Read the deliverable here.
White papers on Harmonisation of Standards and Interoperability Guidelines
Chinese Internet
Two White Papers are being developed within the framework of EXCITING. The first, titled “Harmonisation of 5G and IoT standards in the European Union and China”, reviews ongoing standardisation activities related to the Future Internet, in particular 5G and IoT, and reflects on the need for harmonisation between Europe and China. The second, titled “Interoperability Guidelines for a Successful 5G and IoT Eco-system in China and EU”, discusses the required efforts to ensure interoperability between the European Union and China to ensure the success of 5G and IoT in both regions.
The first drafts of the white papers are available for consultation on the project website. The final versions will be available at the end of the project.
China to launch 5G technology terminal devices by second half of 2019
China to launch 5G technology terminal devices by second half of 2019
According to Wen Ku, head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), terminal devices that use 5G technology will be launched as early as the second half of 2019. In fact, China has launched 5G cooperation mechanisms with Japan, South Korea, the European Union and the United States, with international companies joining the diverse research and development actions implemented. Furthermore, device manufacturers such as Huawei and Ericsson participated in the development of 5G products in order to complete the new technology’s industrial value-chain. The deployment of 5G will allow providers such as China Mobile, to simultaneously support a number of new and varied services and businesses.
Interesting Read
China to drive global IoT growth: Ericsson report
According to a report elaborated by Ericsson, China is expected to account for 3.5 billion of the connected cellular Internet of Things (IoT) by 2023, due to ongoing large-scale deployments in the country. China Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu have inspired numerous IoT start-ups to place their bets in the modernisation of low-value segments, which were largely constrained by a weak innovation capacity. In this line, ABI Research reveals that major cities in China are leveraging the IoT technology to accelerate smart city services including public safety, lighting, energy and transportation.
Read the full report here.
Interesting Read
The arrival of 5G
Mr. Latif Ladid from EXCITING partner University of Luxembourg was one of the interviewees in an article that talks about the arrival and potential of 5G. In the article, he points out that 5G will be faster and more reliable than the preceding technology, comparing it to “fiber in the air” and capable of reaching speeds of at least one gigabit per second. 5G will be particularly important for video transmission, which currently represents about half of the internet traffic.
An interesting article that can be read here.
EXCITING and relevant events
IoT Solutions World Congress
The IoT Solutions World Congress (October 16-18, 2018 – Barcelona, Spain) has become the global reference for industrial IoT. The Congress is a unique event exclusively dedicated to bring together IoT providers with industry experts to discuss the latest trends in the field and first and foremost, to support the increase of productivity by promoting the use of cutting-edge technology.
Read More
2nd International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things (BDIOT 2018)
The 2nd International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things (October 24-26, 2018 – Beijing, China) is one of the most relevant conferences in the IoT field. The main purpose of BDIOT 2018 is to provide an international platform for presenting and publishing the latest scientific research outcomes related to Big Data and Internet of Things. This conference will gather experts and leading enterprises to discuss the core and hot topics of global IoT technology.
Read More
Smart IoT
Smart IoT (March 12-13, 2019 – London, United Kingdom) is one of the leading events in the IoT domain, covering scalable, secure platforms where data can be acquired and managed according to standards, as well as considering how devices connect and communicate seamlessly with all connected systems and infrastructure. The event will gather participants from the various IoT fields, including research institutes, industry and enterprises.
Read More
Global Network Technology Conference (GNTC 2018)
The Global Network Technology Conference (November 14-16, 2018 – China) is the largest technology event in China. In this year’s event, seven technical summits will be held, focusing on SDN, NFV, IPv6, 5G, Cloud, IoT & Edge Computing and Blockchain, as well as various workshops focusing on networking technologies.
Read More

The EXCITING project (Project Number: 723227) is partly funded by the EC and the Chinese government.

Photo credits: EU-China by Friends of Europe - CC BY 2.0;
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