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Welcome to the website of the IN PATH project!

IN PATH - Intelligent Pathways for Better Inclusion aimed to break the pattern of transferring poverty and exclusion from one generation to the next, by empowering marginalized and disadvantaged citizens to easily manage everyday problems in different areas and not to be held back by their background.

Initiated in October, 2011 and with a duration of 2 years, the IN PATH project was a Grundtvig initiative, co-funded by the European Commission as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The project activities included the development of a practical Handbook, which contains a set of tools, examples, strategies and good practices to evaluate different learning styles and to foster the development of four identified types of skills:

  1. Financial management skills;
  2. Active skills for employment and entrepreneurship;
  3. Parenting skills;
  4. Learning to learn skills.

The skills in these nuclear areas are developed through the implementation of examples and strategies that foster different competences and that stimulates different intelligence profiles defined within the sphere of multiple intelligences.
The consortium consisted of 7 organisations representing 6 countries: Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and Germany. 

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“Recognizing human potential has never been easier – through the use of multiple intelligence to empower marginalized and disadvantaged citizens with new learning possibilities”.
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