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Project Objectives
Target Groups

Creativity is a driver for innovation and a key factor for the development of personal, occupational, entrepreneurial and social competencies. This requires a Lifelong Learning (LL) approach as defined by the European Commission, who designated 2009 as the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.

A fundamental quality underpinning creative and innovative capacity is motivation and a sense of initiative. The foundations of such qualities are laid in the early phases of personal development. However, in 2007 15.2% of the EU-27 population consisted of early school leavers (ESLs) and so had less opportunity to develop these characteristics (Five Education Benchmarks for Europe, Education and Culture DG).

The EC Adult Learning and Action Plan aims to address this problem with the Grundtvig Programme (GP) as an important implementation vehicle - a solid reason for CESSIT to target trainers of ESLs returning to adult education. CESSIT responds to GP objectives and priorities in the following ways: providing support to develop key transversal competencies such as innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship (EC Recommendation 2006/962), and improving pedagogical approaches by promoting learner-focused approaches to reintegrate disadvantaged citizens into society and the job market. This support means that CESSIT will directly impact on the quality and effectiveness of training, and indirectly impact on a trainee's employability, European competitiveness and social cohesion through its effective dissemination and exploitation - an innovative combination of key competencies, target group and methodology.


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