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CLEAR: Circular Economy Adult Training ToolBox – Knowledge ReUse
The CLEAR project (co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme focuses on the promotion of a servitisation business model as a way to encourage Circular Economy (CE). A key step in moving towards a servitisation business model is the collaboration with consumers, in order to receive both input on possible new services as well as support in making the shift towards service provision. This project builds on seniors’ experience and knowledge and aims to link them with companies; together they can collaborate in the creation and testing of new services and facilitate companies’ and society’s shift towards servitisation and adoption of CE, while speeding up companies’ service innovation.
Fifth meeting: Greece - September 2019
The fifth meeting will held in Athena (Greece) on 26th and 27th September 2019. This meeting will be host by the Social Cooperative Enterprise Drosostalida in order to present the progress of CLEAR project results, the dissemination activities, and the next steps.
Training course material and digital training toolbox will be online soon
An original Curriculum for a Modular Trainers' Course on the Circular Economy and servitisation will be available to cater for trainers and learners of European Qualification Framework levels 4 and 5/6 to be used in adult education, SME education and 3rd age colleges.
The modular digital training toolbox to be used by adult education stakeholders is to train companies and individuals to acquire skills and competences that will allow them to exploit the concept the servitisation as a basis for green entrepreneurship. Six relevant case-studies that will clearly demonstrate how the concept of the servitisation in CE can promote green entrepreneurship.
Spain National Strategy regarding Circular Economy
Spain follows the priorities in line with the 2020 strategy that aims to generate smart, sustainable and integrated growth is "A Europe that effectively uses resources".

Different political and organizational levels are very actively involved in Spain, is the case of the national government and local, offering grants and subsidies for the modernization and implementation of new business models that opt for development sustainable and with approaches to innovation, which are often linked to efficient use of energy, waste reduction and other strategies that reinforce each other.

At the local level promote the business fabric for the promotion of good practices and facilitate new business networks together with incubators, centres business or chambers of commerce. In the case of educational centres, Business schools and other business training centres opting for the inclusion of these business models. It is detachable as the circular economy and service is perceived not only as a business opportunity, but with support and support from the institutions that provide you with greater visibility.

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Project CLEAR will also be presented (Greece)
On 12th September 2019, Drosostalida Social enterprise will organize an event called “Think Social – Act Entrepreneurial”. During the event, 8 social entrepreneurs from The Netherlands, Greece, United Kingdom and Portugal, will compete for the most innovate business idea. The method of competition is the one of pitching. The event is co-organised with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their premises.

It is expected that more than 70 people will attend and the project CLEAR will also be presented to the stakeholders attending. If you are in Athens, Greece at on the 12th, stop by at 17.30 in Akadimias 7 str. To participate.
Clear in Renaixement magazine (Spain)
The Clear Project has been disseminated in Renaixement magazine. Specifically, in number 44 of the same, an article about the Clear Project was presented with the definition of it. At issue 46, was the news about the Staff Week event was held at the Jaume I University of Castellón. So this magazine is distributed to the Spanish administrations and institutions, as well as to the different Universities for seniors.
Multi-event CLEAR (Spain)
On 10th June took place a multi-event at the Raval Theater in Castelló (Spain), which was attended by more than 200 people who could thus increase their knowledge.
It was developed in this order: firstly the project’s coordinator, Roger Esteller presented the aims of the project. Then a group of students led by Pilar Escuder, made a colloquium on Circular Economy and Servitization, presented and studied proposals and attitudes aimed at a sustainable future. Finally, two scientific monologues were developed: “One moment, is science also culture? by David Ibáñez Gil de Ramales, PhD in Theoretical Physics by the University of Valencia and «The monkey that wastes» carried out by Ignacio Crespo Pita, Doctor and disseminator.
Session to stakeholders, teachers and adult trainers (Greece)
On the 29th May took place a session to Greek stakeholders, HEI professors and adult trainers. Also were in it representatives from 2 municipalities attending our CLEAR project presentation.
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“Circular Economy Adult Training ToolBox–Knowledge ReUse” is a KA2 Erasmus+ project co-founded from the European Union. This document reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Project reference: 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038172

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