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CLEAR: Circular Economy Adult Training ToolBox – Knowledge ReUse
The CLEAR project (co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme focuses on the promotion of a servitisation business model as a way to encourage Circular Economy (CE). A key step in moving towards a servitisation business model is the collaboration with consumers, in order to receive both inputs on possible new services as well as support in making the shift towards service provision. This project builds on seniors’ experience and knowledge and aims to link them with companies; together they can collaborate in the creation and testing of new services and facilitate companies’ and society’s shift towards servitisation and adoption of CE, while speeding up companies’ service innovation.
CLEAR final meeting: Spain - January 2020
The final meeting was held in Gijon, Spain on 28th January 2020. This meeting was hosted by the Gijon City Council in order to present the CLEAR project results. The partners discussed the sustainability of the project and new opportunities within circular economy.
Final conference: Spain - January 2020

The event contributed to raising awareness on the concept of the Circular Economy Servitisation Business Model, the shift towards services and how this can be exploited within Green Entrepreneurship. Therefore, the outputs arising from the CLEAR project was presented, allowing stakeholders to learn more about how to exploit circular economy. Three thematic workshops were offered:

A. Entrepreneurs and business
B. Education & Training life-long-learning
C. Policy level

Those were aimed to contextualise the project for those main areas, increase understanding of current needs and potentialities and facilitate networking between participants.
CLEAR RESULTS: Case-studies of the Circular Economy Servitisation Model
Six relevant case-studies were developed to demonstrate how the concept of the servitisation in Circular Economy can promote green entrepreneurship. For each case, the following items were developed:

1.    Learning objective
2.    Case study description
3.    Practical examples
4.    Results and benefits
5.    Activity
6.    Lessons learned

The Case-study presentations are available on the CLEAR website in English, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese. These Case-studies include:

CLEAR RESULTS: Curriculum for a Modular Trainers' Course on Circular Economy and Servitisation
An original Curriculum for a Modular Trainers' Course on Circular Economy and servitisation will be available to cater for trainers and learners of European Qualification Framework levels 4 and 5/6 to be used in adult education, SME education and 3rd age colleges. The Curriculum includes five modules and eleven units:



M0: Circular Economy as an attitude

Unit 1: Circular Economy as an attitude

M1: Introduction to circular economy

Unit 1: What is circular economy?

Unit 2: Circular economy principles in business

M2: Servitisation Business Model  

Unit 1: Shift towards services, what is servitisation?

Unit 2: Main characteristics of Servitisation Business Model

M3:  Circular economy & servitisation

Unit 1: Circular economy & servitisation

Unit 2: The concept of service chain

Unit 3: The customers’ role

Unit 4: Green entrepreneurship

M4: Business value in Circular Economy and servitisation

Unit 1: What is understood as business value?

Unit 2:  Introduction to ISO rules: what they are for, how to apply them, objectives

CLEAR RESULTS: Training course material and digital training toolbox
The modular digital training toolbox to be used by adult education stakeholders intends to train companies and individuals to acquire skills and competencies that will allow them to exploit the concept of the servitisation as a basis for green entrepreneurship.
Multiplier event – Portugal (Coimbra)
On 26th November took place a multi-event at Casa da Esquina in Coimbra (Portugal), which allowed the participants to increase their knowledge about Circular Economy and Servitization.

Firstly, SPI presented the aims and main outputs of the CLEAR project. Then Prof. Teresa Vieira from University of Coimbra held a presentation and discussion about Circular Economy and Materials. The CLEAR toolbox, as presented by SPI, approached all the outcomes of this Circular Economy and Servitization online platform. Finally, Casa da Esquina presented a case study, namely their own Trading Markets initiative.
Multiplier - Spain (Bilbao)
During the first week of December a Multiplier Event organized by Media Creativa took place in the University of Deusto in Bilbao. The students and teachers that attended were working on the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. First, the CLEAR project was introduced, as well as the concepts of Circular Economy and specially, servitization.

Afterwards, materials created  throughout the life cycle of the project were shown and discussed: the results of the first need analysis carried out, the case study of washing machines as an example and last, the training course. The main contents of the course were introduced. Participants provided a warm welcome to the initiative.

Multiplier Event – Greece (Korydallos)
On 10th of December 2019 a multiplier event took place at Municipal Hall in Korydallos (Greece) elaborating on the CLEAR project disseminating the concept and the results of this collaboration. In this event were invited adult educators, entrepreneurs, local association for entrepreneurship, senior people as well representatives from Ministry of Education and especially from Life Long Learning Centre’s Committee and the Institution of Certification for Adults Educators. During this event all participants had the opportunity to discuss and understand the synthesis that CLEAR provides on Circular Economy, Entrepreneurship and Servitization. The event opened by a welcome speech where the Mayor, Nikolaos Hoursalas focused on the innovative and challenged dimension of the project followed by  an introduction for the significance of CLEAR project for Korydallos and Greece by Vice Mayor, Nektarios Tsirmpas. On the first part of the event were presented the municipal actions for Circular Economy and CLEAR project in Korydallos by Dr Mimina Pateraki (Department for Planning) and then CLEAR Project and the Toolbox was presented by Sofia Tsiortou (“Drosostalida”, Social Cooperative Enterprise). During the second part of the event an academic expert was called to deliver her paper on “Circular Economy - A New Design Challenge and a Collaborative Venture for Sustainability Goals in Modern Societies”    Professor, Anastasia Stratigea, National Technical University of Athens. Additionally, was called a Green entrepreneur to talk about his company “RECYCGLOBE” working on reciprocal recycling (Konstantinos Astridis CEO, Recycglobe P.C.). People had the chance to entry to the philosophy of the project and the ways CLEAR is going to introduce people to Servitization and Green Entrepreneurship drawing upon Circular Economy during a friendly and productive discussion.
Multiplier Event – Greece (Athens)
On the 10th December, the Greek partner Social Enterprise Drosostalida organized an event integrated with 2 workshops for the participants. The event participants ranged from educators, to municipality representatives, trainers and entrepreneurs. The discussion was very productive and interesting.

Multiplier Event – Malta
On 24th January MECB organized the multiplier event in Malta to promote the #CLEAR #Erasmusplus project and its results including the digital training toolbox on #CircularEconomy.

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“Circular Economy Adult Training ToolBox–Knowledge ReUse” is a KA2 Erasmus+ project co-founded from the European Union. This document reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Project reference: 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038172


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