Dissemination Event by BDF

The second Multiplier Event in The Netherlands was held on the 12th of July 2017. It was organised in the afternoon followed by a summer barbecue for partners of the Kanselarij. The Kanselarij is a multi-tenant building for business, education and government in the center of Leeuwarden. BDF’s office is also located in this building. There were around 20 attendees with different professional profiles and backgrounds: SMEs (also from the hospitality & recreation sector), business supporting organisations, VET and HE students and teachers, strategic alliances, governmental institutions, social institutions, etc. Marie-jetske Lettinga from BDF welcomed the attendants and gave an introduction about the CORRIE project. After that she showed the promotional campaign developed for Intellectual Output 1. Attendants were very enthusiastic about the video. After the video, Marie-jetske presented and explained to the audience how the other Intellectual Outputs will finally look like in terms of content and lay-out.

As an example she presented the structure of the CORRIE manual of Intellectual Output 4. The attendants were asked to give some initial feedback. According to them, the information in the manuals should be useful for their own organisations. They consider practical information and a close relation to practice important. In general, the audience was positive about the lay-out and graphic design of the outputs. After the presentation of the CORRIE project, its results and the feedback session, participants went outside for a networking drink and summer barbecue.

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