Dissemination in Malta

The E2 event in Malta took place on the 15th May 2017 at the University of Malta. In the absence of any national or regional events that are focused on responsible tourism or related topics, it was decided to alpha-test the CORRIE project. Further one-to-one meetings to present and discuss the CORRIE Intellectual Outputs were conducted with members of the tourism industry, and tourism stakeholders. In total 19 students and lecturers attended the event in Malta. The participants are currently gaining knowledge in sustainability and education which is also related to tourism activities. Participants were provided with the CORRIE project Leaflet and further information on the different IOs that were tested. After a brief introduction of the project and the foreseen intellectual outputs, the promotional campaign video, the detailed structure and outline of the IO4 Manual on how to set up a local network, as well as the draft IOs IO2 and IO3 were presented.

The participating stakeholders were very positive about the presented Intellectual Outputs, and indicated to be looking forward to the full documents. Overall, participants were more interested in material that can be used to set-up or manage a responsible tourism establishment. Furthermore, case studies and best practice examples from other countries and particularly regions in the Mediterranean area were regarded as highly relevant. Finally, at the end of the alpha test a discussion was brought up on how to increase sustainable tourism opportunities in Malta.

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