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The first part of the event took place on July 10th in Guadalupe, Badajoz, Spain, and took advantage of the momentum created with the summer school on responsible tourism and an encounter of international Geoparks. The encounter was chosen due to the importance responsible and sustainable tourism activities are in the activities of Geoparks, with relevant experiences and examples. The presence of those staff members in charge of the tourism related activities, combined with additional tourism stakeholders, was considered to provide high added value for the alpha testing. In total 12 representatives of the tourism sector attended the event, representing 10 different organisations, from Spain and other EU countries and 2 external to the EU (these as observers). All participants have extensive experience in the field of responsible and sustainable tourism activities. Participants were provided with the Leaflet and an information sheet on the project (in English). After a brief introduction of the project and the foreseen intellectual outputs, the promotional campaign video, the detailed structure and outline of the IO4 Manual on how to set up a local network, as well as the approach and progress with regards to IO2 and IO3.

The second part of the Alpha testing event will take place in September 2017 to finalise the assessment of the final content structure for IO2 and IO3. The present report will be updated after the finalisation of the second part of the event. Participants were very positive about the presented IOs, and indicated they were looking forward to the full documents. They indicated interested in hands-on practical tips and hints, more than in theoretical backgrounds. Examples of cases and experiences from others were also seen as relevant to be included in the final versions of the Manuals. Responsible tourism, especially in the natural environment of Geoparks is a hot topic in the view of the participants.

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