Dragon-Star project is funded by FP7, aiming to support the Chinese participation in Horizon 2020, the reciprocity originating from the signed EU-China Scientific Cooperation Agreement, the bilateral cooperation in scientific, technological and industrial research and innovation fields, and the ongoing EU - China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue.


Newly Published Calls

NSFC-EPSRC Collaborative Research Initiative in Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles


In order to promote the substantive co-research between Chinese and UK scientists, according to the bilateral cooperation agreement between the National Nature Science Fund Committee (NSFC) and the British Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC), the two sides will jointly fund cooperative research programmes in 2013. The call focuses on Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles. It funds no more than four projects. The fund for each project from NSFC side is no more than 3 million RMB (including research expenditure and international cooperation & exchange expenses).The deadline for application is January 22, 2013.

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ANR/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2013/14 Exercise

The French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherchˆm, ANR) and the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme (JRS) aims to strengthen the collaboration between French and Hong Kong research communities in areas of mutual interest to be jointly identified in order to achieve world-class scientific and technical results, leading towards new knowledge. Both basic and applied research proposals of high academic merits in all areas will be invited under the Scheme. The deadline for electronic submission of proposals to the ANR system is 13 December 2012 at 13:00 (Paris local time).

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    GSP - Internship Programme    

This call has been recently published by Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) of Hong Kong. The Internship Programme is a sub-programme under the General Support Programme (GSP) funded by ITF. It targets those organizations undertaking research and development (R&D) projects, including local universities, R&D centres established under the ITF, Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and companies in private sectors, which expect to recruit interns to assist in the R&D projects. The recruitment is open all year around.

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Getting Involved

Generally speaking, the applicant will be required to fill in a standard application form designated by the national agency managing the programme, and submit it with the required documents to the secretariat of the national agency or a host organization of the funding programme.

NSFC-EPSRC Collaborative Research Initiative in Smart Grids and the Integration of Electric Vehicles

  • Parallel submission of applications by Chinese and English applicants is required.
  • An on-line application should be made by the Chinese applicant at NSFC website. Hard copy of application form, Joint proposal form and Case for support (the templates could be downloaded at http://www.nsfc.gov.cn/Portal0/InfoModule_396/50504.htm) should be mailed to NSFC before January 22, 2013. The English applicant should also make application to EPSRC before the same date.

ANR/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2013/14 Exercise

  • There is an institutional quota of five submissions for each UGC-funded institution in the 2013/14 exercise.
  • Parallel submission of applications by the Hong Kong and French applicants is required.
  • French applicants should submit the joint proposals via the on-line system of the ANR. Detailed information on application procedures of the ANR is available at http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/Blanc-2013. The deadline for electronic submission of proposals to the ANR system is 13 December 2012 at 13.00 hours (Paris local time).

GSP - Internship Programme

  • The Internship Programme is open all year round. Applications should be submitted through Innovation and Technology Commission Funding Administrative System (https://www3.itf.gov.hk/?itf_lng=en).
  • Applicant organizations should have their ITF projects approved under the ITF and an intern selected/identified before the submission of the application form to ITF Secretariat.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically through ITCFAS at the ITF website (www.itf.gov.hk) for each of the interns for the projects.
  • The applicant organization should provide certified copies of documents on the academic qualification of the intern to be recruited.



    Forthcoming Events    

International Conference on EU-China Environmental Research Collaboration
14 - 15 December 2012, Beijing


The conference aims to attract EU and Chinese environmental research experts and policy makers who would like to be informed about current environmental research trends on atmosphere, climate change, water, soil and biodiversity, EU-China research cooperation and initiatives, as well as strategic development plans and roadmaps for future collaboration opportunities from the EC and China.

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International Conference on Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Energy (ICFMEME 2012)
20 – 21 December, 2012, Beijing


The purpose of this key international conference is for scientists, scholars, engineers and students from the universities and the research institutes all around the world to present ongoing research activities, and hence to foster research partnerships.

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2nd International Conference on Green Buildings Technologies and Materials (GBTM 2012)
27- 28 December, 2012, Wuhan


GBTM 2012 will be focusing on energy efficient buildings, sustainable architecture, case studies on buildings of historical significance, standard certification for green buildings, smart use of materials and resources, renewable energy sources or energy efficient non-renewable sources, waste management for sustainable development, among others.

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4th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical Cold Chain China
16 – 17 January, 2013, Beijing


The 4th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical Cold Chain China is the biggest and most prestigious event on bio/pharmaceutical cold chain management in China. It aims to share the best practices on overcoming cold chain logistics challenges faced by the Chinese market to dramatically improve cold chain management operations and reduce cold chain logistics costs among key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.

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