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Dragon-Star Plus will provide the EC and the Member States with tools for setting a long term cooperation strategy with China in research and innovation. The proposed activities take into account the current on-going policy dialogue and the peculiarities of the research and innovation environment in China, and are based upon the outputs and the established mechanism of the previous DRAGON-STAR project.


Newly Published Calls

2016 MOFCOM Scholarship


MOFCOM Scholarship is set up by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between China and other countries as well as to develop talents for developing countries. Starting from 2015, MOFCOM Scholarship mainly sponsors the young and the middle-aged talents from recipient countries to pursue their postgraduate degree education in China and entrusts China Scholarship Council to administer the Scholarship.

The deadline for application is April 30th, 2016

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NSFC – FWO Joint Research Programme

In the frame of this new agreement, a first call for collaborative projects is launched in order to further promote scientific cooperation between Flanders and China. The new co-operation agreement replaces the old one with the result that the continuous application process is replaced by regular calls for submission. For the 2016 call the cooperation is limited to all fields of natural sciences and medical sciences in the following themes: mathematical & physical sciences, chemical sciences, life sciences, earth sciences, engineering & material sciences, information sciences, management sciences, health sciences. NSFC provides per project a fixed total amount of 100,000 RMB for the total duration of two years. FWO pays researcher(s) from China a daily living allowance of € 50 per day (or max. € 1300 per month) and reimburses in addition the accommodation costs.

The deadline for application is May 6th, 2016


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NSFC –FWF Joint Research Programme

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) jointly offer the possibility to apply for bilateral Chinese-Austrian Joint Research Projects. Joint Research Projects should combine the complementary expertise of the project partners, the project parts should be closely integrated and there should be relevant scientific input from both sides. The two parts of the research project are financed separately by the respective national funding agency. NSFC finances the costs for the Chinese part while FWF finances the costs for the Austrian part. The respective costs thus have to be applied for at NSFC or FWF.

The deadline for application is May 31st, 2016

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Getting Involved
    Generally speaking, the applicant will be required to fill in a standard application form designated by the national agency managing the programme, and submit it with the required documents to the secretariat of the national agency or a host organization of the funding programme.    
2016 MOFCOM Scholarship

1. Applicants must be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health.
2. Apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of your home country for CGS opportunity;
3. Apply to your target university for the Pre-admission Letter once recommended by the dispatching authorities as an eligible candidate (you will receive an Award Letter for CGS Candidate);
4. Complete the online application procedure at CSC Online Application System for International Students
5. More information, please refer to http://en.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/scholarshipdetailen.aspx?cid=97&id=3157



NSFC – FWO Joint Research Programme

1. Applicants must submit your project proposal simultaneously to FWO and NSFC.
2. All the members of the Chinese research team (including the Chinese PI) have to be already involved in an ongoing NSFC project and there should be an overlap of at least one year.
3. For more information, please refer to http://www.fwo.be/en/fellowships-funding/international-collaboration/scientific-cooperation/cooperation-with-china/

Chinese contact:
Xu Jin
E-mail: xujin@nsfc.gov.cn

Belgian contact:
Isabelle Verbaeys
E-mail: Isabelle.Verbaeys@fwo.be


NSFC –FWFJoint Research Programme


1. Applicants have to submit identical applications to NSFC and FWF using the application forms by NSFC and FWF respectively with a narrative text as an attachment.
2. Chinese applicants must send an identical copy of the proposal plus NSFC application forms directly to NSFC.
3. For more information, please refer to https://www.fwf.ac.at/fileadmin/files/Dokumente/Antragstellung/Internationale_Programme/Joint_Projects/NSFC-FWF_Information-for-Applicants.pdf

Chinese contact:
Ms. FAN Yingjie
E-mail: fanyj@nsfc.gov.cn

Dr. Christoph Bärenreuter
E-mail: christoph.baerenreuter@fwf.ac.at

    Forthcoming Events    

The 3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications (ICIEA 2016)
April 28-30, 2016, Hong Kong, China


ICIEA is an annual conference of Industrial Engineering and Applications for all researchers home and abroad. This conference provides a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars and scientists to exchange their ideas face to face.

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Shanghai 10th International Conference on “Engineering & Technology, Computer , Basic & Applied Sciences” ( ECBA- 2016 )
May 4-5, 2016, Shanghai, China


The conference will cover vital issues in Engineering & Technology, Computer, Basic and Applied Sciences Research & Practice under multiple sub-themes. The aim of conference is to support, encourage and provide a platform for networking, sharing, publishing and nurturing the potential growth of individual scholars across the globe.

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ICDIP 2016 The 8th International Conference on Digital Image Processing--SPIE, EI&Scopus,
May 20-22, 2016, Chengdu, China


ICDIP 2016 aims to bring together top researchers around the world to exchange research results and address open issues in all aspects of Digital Image Processing. It is sponsored by International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology and Sichuan Province Computer Federation, also technically assisted by many universities and institutes.

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