Intellectual Outputs

IO1. Research and Common Framework [EN] [PT] [IT] [DE] [TR] [FR]
IO2. Professional Skills Profile [EN] [PT] [IT] [DE] [TR] [FR]
IO3. Recommendation Report and Guidelines [EN] [PT] [IT] [DE] [TR] [FR]

Short-term joint staff training events
Multiplier Events

ME1. Launching of the research - Austria
ME2. Interim public conference and launching of the skills profile – Belgium
ME3. Launching of the training for trainers and guidelines – Italy
ME4. Final public conference - UK
ME5. Final public conference - Turkey


Newsletter 1
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Newsletter 3
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5

Promotional materials

Project Flyer [EN] [PT] [IT] [DE] [FR] [TR]