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Trans4mMED - Transformative Patient Centred Personalised Medicine Initiative

Trans4mMED - Transformative Patient Centred Personalised Medicine Initiative is a response to the EC's call for large, ground-breaking, and visionary FET Flagships to tackle grand scientific and technological challenges, specifically targeting the Health and Life Sciences area

The primary focus of the initiative is the achievement of, through new and innovative scientific and technological research, personalised and patient-centred healthcare. Through this research, the overall aim is to provide the healthcare system and practitioners with improved prevention and treatment strategies, promoting a greater patient involvement and responsibility, reducing treatment side-effects, increasing the quality of life, and reducing the overall costs of healthcare. 

The initiative is open to the support of all stakeholders who are interested in playing a role in making a difference and achieving this vision.The initiative will be open to the involvement of academia, research organisations, industry, associations, societies, authorities and many others.

Everyone's voice will be heard! Share your support and make tomorrow more about the patient!


Within the health and life sciences field, recent developments in various fields, such us tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomaterials, biofabrication, biosensors, stem cells, nanotechnology, multi-OMICS, big data, imaging, etc., have shown the potential to provide relevant contributions for the development of new and improved therapies and contributing to the development of new preventive, predictive and prevention models.

However, many of these fields still work in an independent process. This initiative will drive a paradigm change to enable the integration and convergence of these fields leading to a new era in healthcare based on preventive, regenerative, precision and personalised medicine therapies centred on the patient and to new avenues for predicting and preventing disease.

The proposed restructuring of efforts from the different aforementioned scientific fields and the involvement of stakeholders from academia, industry, regulatory and political entities, as well as society, will effectively contribute to advance patient centred personalised treatments and prevention strategies that can generate more welfare and significantly reduce the growing burden on healthcare systems.

The Coordinating Institution is the University of Minho (UMINHO, Portugal), under the leadership of Prof. Rui L. Reis. He is the Director of 3B’s, Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation at the University of Minho and The Global President of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS).