International Symposium

The SMARTAgriFor - Norte project will hold its International Symposium on May 21-22, 2018.

Under the theme "Promoting science, innovation and competitiveness in agro-food value chains", this event will be a unique opportunity for companies, higher education institutions and other R&D organizations developing work in the agro-food value chain to learn with some of the most important experts in the industry.

Over the course of two days, the event will include a number of presentations complemented by round-table sessions to promote discussion among stakeholders and the public on how to increase the competitiveness of the value chain by involving key public and private sector players.

Register here to participate in the event.





  • Innovation in SMEs to foster smart reindustrialization | Dr. Jan Willem Kruize, Wageningen Economic Research, WUR [download]
  • Discovery science to commercial exploitation | Prof. Derek Stewart, The James Hutton Institute [download]
  • Future challenges and innovations in agri-food – a Wageningen perspective | Dr. Robert Hall, WUR [download]
  • Industry-led grape and wine research, development, extension and adoption – a case study of Australia | Prof. Dan Johnson, The Australian Wine Research Institute [download]
  • Portuguese food and drink industry´s ambition for a sustainable growth | Engº. Pedro Queiroz, FIPA [download]
  • R&D cooperation for a more competitive agri-Food chain | Dr. Marlos Henrique Silva, SONAE [download]
  • Life cycle assessment of food supply chains: examples and current trends | Dr. Thomas Nemecek, Agroscope, Research Division Agroecology and Environment, Life Cycle Assessment Group [download]
  • FP9 Developments | Dr. Peter Jongebloed, WUR [download]
  • Maximising Research Impact through communications and business support | Rhonda Smith, CommBeBiz project, Minerva UK [N/A]
  • Strategies for improving value chain competitiveness under climate changes | Prof. António Ferrante, University of Milan [N/A]