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The new ERASMUS+ programme demands more sustainability from the project-consortia, hence it will be more important to name, describe and emphasize the impact of project-results on different levels.
Furthermore there have been several LdV-TOI projects whose results have faded away.

These issues make developing and implementing innovative tools for project-coordinators and other actors crucial for the success of the projects. These tools will enable them to check the partners and the whole consortia in matters of their possibilities to ensure sustainable impact before starting a project.

Duration of the project: 2 years
Number of countries: 5
Funding Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships
Austrian National Agency


TOI TOI TOI will develop two web-based evaluation tools for coordinators and further actors in the field of European VET-projects to ensure that the sustainability of the project-results is guaranteed within the consortium. In order to achieve these goals the project team will:



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