Steps of Development of the TOI TOI TOI tools

Pre analysis aimed defining the field of research in the partner countries Austria, Germany, Hungary and Macedonia and preparing further steps.
For this reason the four reports:

  • collected data of European education projects focussing on the Lifelong Learning Program
  • analyzed characteristics in data privacy protection
  • presented possible evaluation methods and tools

The quantitative scientific method of network analysis was used to evaluate and cluster all Leonardo da Vinci / Transfer of Innovation projects in Austria, Germany and Hungary from 2007-2012 represented in the European project database ADAM ( in terms of the size of consortia and the chosen partner countries. Because of the disproportionately high number of German projects the Macedonian partner evaluated German projects together with the German partner.
All entries were:

  • transferred and reformatted from ADAM into MS-EXCEL®
  • verified by comparing ADAM entries with real project outcomes
  • statistically evaluated and presented

As a result of network analysis two different clusters were defined and the project team used four semi standardized interviews with former project coordinators per partner to verify the results of clustering and to ask for concrete competences fostering the sustainability of European education projects. In that case the Macedonian partner analyzed four German projects again. Transliterations were made for internal use only and the interviews were summarized and characterized in “National TOI TOI TOI Reports” to ensure the protection of anonymity of the interviewees.

As mentioned above “National TOI TOI TOI Reports” were written to summarize all scientific steps and to bring together the results and characterizations from quantitative (network- and cluster analysis) and qualitative (semi standardized interviews) research on a national level. Finally each report deduced conclusions of the national results and defined first suggestions for the contents and the structure of the evaluation tools.
National TOI TOI TOI Reports: Austria , Germany (f-bb) , Germany (UGD) , Hungary

The “European TOI TOI TOI Report” summarized, consolidated and meta-evaluated all national results from a European perspective. The report focused on detailed scientific coding and analyzing of all semi standardized interviews by using the qualitative analysis tool MAXQDA®.
Finally the report estimated all results on a European level and named concrete requirements concerning the structure and the contents of the TOI TOI TOI evaluation tools.



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